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The estimation of significant worth contributing has changed, and it's as much an issue for the world's biggest financial specialists for what it's worth for us Every year, on a Saturday right on time in May, the yearly investors' gathering of the Berkshire Hathaway Corporation is held in the American city of Omaha. Investors' gatherings (AGM is the Indian expression) will in general be dull undertakings except if there's some kind of a corporate battle going on, and still, after all that, are of concern just to investors themselves. Conversely, the Berkshire meeting is continually intriguing and entrancing, not simply to the individuals who have put resources into the organization, yet in addition to for all intents and purposes each financial specialist on the planet. The reason, obviously, is the hours-long Q&A session with the two men who run the organization – director Warren Buffett and his delegate, Charlie Munger (whose joined age is currently 183). The inquiries are chosen by a board of surely understood outside specialists and are not known previously to Buffett and Munger. They by and large (yet not generally) concern some part of Berkshire's organizations. In any case, Berkshire is a very assorted aggregate, and the two elderly people men, in their grandfatherly way, every now and again take the appropriate responses out to general standards of business, contributing and life itself. This makes the Q&A a captivating showing session for just everybody. As of late, a standout amongst the most fascinating subjects that surface over and again is their advancing frame of mind towards putting resources into innovation stocks. For a very long time, through the 90s and later, Berkshire did not put at all in tech. The reason that Buffett dependably gave was that he didn't get innovation. That was a showing of one of the frequently disregarded standards of contributing, which is that financial specialists ought not fiddle with something that they don't get it. For Berkshire's situation, they in the long run put resources into IBM, and after that, a couple of years back, in Apple. Apparently, sooner or later, Buffett and Munger understood that they, or their guides, saw enough about these organizations. Regardless, for somebody who has upwards of $100 billion to contribute, tech can't be disregarded on the grounds that seven of the 10 biggest organizations (by market esteem) on the planet are presently what is extensively called innovation. Berkshire is presently the single biggest investor of Apple. Presently, two or three days before the Omaha meet, Berkshire uncovered in an administrative documenting that it has been purchasing Amazon shares .